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  • Happy New Year: The DYC 2012 Top Five

    December 31, 2012 | 0 comments

    Drink Your Carbs: New Year's Eve 1989We were so certain about the future that we planned our year without an escape hatch or lifeboat. The world then spoiled our plans by refusing to stop existing. Now that the apocalypse has failed to materialize, we have no choice but to produce a Top 5 list.

    On the surface, this sounds ridiculous. We all like to believe that we operate with free will. Surely, nothing can force us to create a year-end, numbered list. We cannot tell you how deeply we wish this were true.

    Check your favorite website. For that matter, check your least favorite website. You will find that both have produced numbered lists to celebrate the coming of the New Year. These lists have taken over the Internet like a swarm of on-line locusts. The only way to avoid them is a total media blackout.

    We don’t blame bloggers, pundits or anyone else for producing these lists. Nor do we blame ourselves for creating one. It’s no different from the instinct that leads salmon upstream or sea turtles back to the very beach on which they were born. The sheer number of these lists being produced provides incontrovertible evidence that we are dumb monkeys driven by an instinct to eat, mate and, on New Year’s Eve, produce lists of our favorite things from the previous year.

    2012 began with our being falsely accused of promoting drunkorexia. The year ended with our most popular blog entry ever: a recipe for DYC Brownies. (Over 2,000 people read that recipe on the first day and we are still receiving comments, praise and pictures of half-eaten brownies.) Nearly every week in between, we shared something hopefully funny and insightful and always a little bit strange. As nature and instinct demand, here are our five favorites:

    The DYC 2012 Top Five


    Drink Your Carbs: Guide to Alcohol and Weight Loss. Surely You Must Be Joking
    - Drink Your Carbs started as a joke. In many ways, it’s still a joke. It just happens to be a joke diet that works. Here’s the story of how it all began.







    DYC: Guide to diet and alcohol consumption.Why Are Americans Fat? - We blame the dramatic increase in American obesity on the USDA Food Pyramid. Really.








    DYC: Guide to beer and dietFolsom Street Fair And Crossfit Fight Gone Bad - One is a street fair celebrating Sadomasochism and Leather Pride. The other is a killer-hard Crossfit workout. They have more in common than you might think.












    Drink Your Carbs: Guide to Alcohol and Weight LossRecipe: Chicken alla Milanese - Our answer to the KFC Family Bucket. The traditional preparation is a chicken breast pounded thin, breaded and deep-fried. Our version is gluten-free, dairy-free, low-carb and all-around awesome.







    Drink Your Carbs: Guide to Alcohol and DietMeat Cooked In The Manner of Thieves - Tales of meat, drink and more drink from the Greek Island of Crete.



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