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    January 30, 2013 | 0 comments

    Alcohol and Weight Loss - The Drink You Carbs Newsletter Is Changing.We hate getting notifications of website policy changes. Invariably, these updates inform us of new rules allowing the sale our names, addresses and credit card numbers to the Russian mafia. We assure you these are not the types of changes we are planning.

    You may have noticed that we’ve slowed our blogging schedule. For the past year we have toiled under the tyranny of creating something new and interesting every single week. We weren’t always successful, but our moms always insisted that it’s effort that counts.

    • Fact: How come people mention effort only when results are unsuccessful? If a project works, effort goes unmentioned. The phrase “It’s the effort that counts” may just be a socially acceptable way of saying “That sucks.”

    Since the first of this year, we have deliberately slowed our blogging schedule to give ourselves more time to finish the DYC Book. Believe it or not, the DYC book is coming along nicely. The first draft is complete. The next step is to divide the material into the categories “Relevant,” “Somewhat Relevant” and “Totally Irrelevant.” “Relevant” and “Totally Irrelevant” are definite keepers. We still need to decide how to handle “Somewhat Relevant.”

    In order to bring the book to conclusion the blog frequency will suffer. Hopefully the quality will not. Our new goal is to post something new roughly twice a month. If you’re used to coming here and finding something original every Friday, you are already annoyed with us. All we can say is that your displeasure is well founded. We expect to continue disappointing you through the first half of the year.

    We are changing the DYC Newsletter from being a monthly digest to a notification that a new blog entry has been posted. If anything, this should make the newsletter more useful.

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